Product Types

Extension Cables/leads

Recall Date

13th May 2021

Serial Numbers

ASIN: B07XNKN26J X0013926JD

Contact Details

If you believe you have an affected product stop using it immediately and contact the retailer for further advice.

Manufactured Dates


Investigator Name


White travel adaptor with orange cover over fuse, packaged in a small plastic bag.

The product poses a risk of electric shock as there is access to live parts, through the gap at the top of the shutters. A child can touch part of the product that is at high voltage by inserting metal object into the socket and may be electrocuted. (High risk)

The socket contacts also create a poor connection leading to overheating, which could result in a fire. (Medium risk).

The product therefore fails to comply with the Plugs and Sockets etc. (Safety) Regulations 1994.

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