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UK Association of Fire Investigators (UK-AFI)

Are pleased to announce the:
Nordic Association of Fire Investigators (NAFI)
Annual Meeting and Training Event
13th and 14th November 2019 - Stockholm 
'All aboard' for two days of interesting workshops, lectures and demonstations traveling between Stockholm, Sweden and Mariehamn, Finland.
  Registration closes 10th October 2019. The cost for the whole package is 3300 SEK (309 EUR).


Consultation: Fire Investigation Code of Practice

The Code of Practice for Investigators of Fires and Explosions for the Criminal Justice Systems in the UK came into effect in April 2017.

This Code of Practice is directed only at fire investigation practitioners (public and private sector) who undertake fire scene examinations and the reporting of their subsequent findings within the UK criminal justice systems of the UK (England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland).

The Code of Practice is jointly published and endorsed by the Chief Fire Officers’ Association, the Institution of Fire Engineers and the UK Association of Fire Investigators.

These three organisations agreed that the Code of Practice would be reviewed with any updates published in a revised version around 2020.

As the professional body representing fire investigation practitioner’s the UK-AFI are inviting members to participate and submit proposals/comments for consideration in the review process.
The Code of Practice can be found at: https://www.uk-afi.org/sites/default/files/field/page/fi_code_of_practice_for_publication.pdf

Members should also consider the content of the recent update to Civil Procedure Rules, which can be found at: https://www.justice.gov.uk/courts/procedure-rules/civil.
It would be appreciated if all comments could be returned, as soon as possible but no later than Monday September 30, 2019.
Please send any comments to John Gow: [email protected]

Have you checked out the latest Product Recalls 

Published recalls added weekly

UK-AFI Annual Training Conference 2020
27th and 28th January 2020

At St. Johns Hotel (Voco) - Sulihull

The theme of next year's conference is 'Planes, Trains and Automobiles' as it focusses on the investigation of a range of transport related fires.


There will be the usual high standard of speakers over two days as well as the regular opportunities for networking with colleagues from all areas of our discipline. The list of speakers will increase as confirmations are received.
The Association is advertising this conference earlier than usual due to numerous enquires from prospective delegates.
Make sure of your place by booking now!

Don't miss out on the Annual Training Conference being held at VOCO St Johns Hotel
Solihull, 27th 28th January 2020
Contact: [email protected]





IAAI Board of Directors

Claire Mansi, our past Director of Administration, was  election to the IAAI Board of Directors at the IAAI ITC 2019 in Jacksonville, Florida.  The IAAI Election results can be viewed at https://www.firearson.com/Alerts/2019-Election-Results.aspx 

Forensic Regulator shares information

The Forensic Regulator attended a UK-AFI Training Conference in 2017 and shared some information about free resources that were available to assist in the adoption of Standards.

Regulator’s website: www.gov.uk/government/organisations/forensic-science-regulator

ILAC G19 international guidance on adoption of ISO 17025 and ISO 17020 for forensic science: http://ilac.org/latest_ilac_news/ilac-g19082014-published/UKAS RG-201:
Accreditation of Bodies Carrying out Scene of Crime Investigation: https://www.ukas.com/download/publications/RG%20201.pdf

Government launches new Office for Product Safety and Standards

The government has announced the creation of a new national oversight body tasked with identifying consumer risks and managing responses to large-scale product recalls and repairs.

The new Office for Product Safety and Standards will enable the UK to meet the evolving challenges of product safety by responding to expanding international trade, the growth in online shopping and the increasing rate of product innovation.
Today’s announcement comes as part of the government’s response to the Working Group on Product Recalls and Safety. Established in October 2016 by former Consumer Minister Margot James, the group of product and fire safety experts was brought together to build on the recommendations made by Lynn Faulds Wood in her independent review into consumer product recalls.
In addition to providing support and advice for local authority Trading Standards teams, the office will co-ordinate work across local authorities where action is needed on a national scale and will ensure the UK continues to carry out appropriate border checks on imported products once the UK leaves the European Union.  Link https://www.gov.uk/government/news/government-launches-new-office-for-product-safety-and-standards


HM Government announces an update relating to the Grenfell Tower fire in the "Acting on Product Safety" area of its website

HM Government has established an area of its website which is dedicated to product recalls.  The website provides links to the product recall databases hosted by Electrical Safety First website, the UK-AFI website and the 'recent' product recalls published on the Chartered Trading Standards Institute website. Please use this link to access the HM Government Product Recalls area and the Grenfell Tower announcement.

Use this link to go to the Electrical Safety First Product Recalls database

Use this link to go to the Chartered Trading Standards Institute website where recenly published prodcut recalls are listed.

Use this link to go to the fire and electrical defect related Product Recalls on this website which has Product Recalls dating back to 1996 and are searchable by product type and manufacturer. In addition, results can be filtered by date.