All UK-AFI Members agree to abide by the Association’s Code of Ethics.

We will,

·        as fire and arson investigators, regard ourselves as members of a vital and ethical profession.

·        conduct both our personal and official lives so as to inspire the confidence of the public.

·        regard it our duty to avail ourselves of every opportunity to learn more about our profession.

·        encourage and support professional standards for fire and arson investigators.

·        assist our members in obtaining world class training and professional qualifications.

·        avoid alliances with those whose goals are inconsistent with an honest and unbiased investigation.

·        bear in mind always that we are truth-seekers, recognising our overriding duty to the court and to the administration of justice.

·        deal justly and impartially with all individuals, regardless of their physical, mental, emotional, political, economic, social, racial, or religious characteristics

·        promote to the utmost of our power the interests of the Society.

·        observe the provisions of the Association’s governing documents and supporting rules and procedures.

·        observe and abide by the provisions contained within The Code of Practice for the Investigators of Fires and Explosions for the Justice systems in the UK.

·        maintain our professional competence and only undertake professional tasks for which we are competent.

·        make no claims to professional qualifications which we do not possess

·        notify the Institution immediately if we have:

·        received a criminal conviction, or an adverse civil court judgement, where either of these relate to any aspect of this Code of Ethics.

·        been declared bankrupt or disqualified as a company director or charity trustee.

·        had membership of another professional body or institution terminated as a result of a disciplinary procedure.

·        notify the Association of any serious or significant violation of this Code of Ethics by another member. (Refer to the Association’s Whistleblowing Policy)

·        hold adequate professional indemnity insurance, where required.

·        exercise all reasonable professional skill and care to prevent avoidable danger to health or safety, and to prevent avoidable adverse environmental impacts.

·        accept responsibility for work carried out by us, or under our supervision, exercising all reasonable professional skill and care in carrying out that work.

·        present and review theory, evidence and interpretation honestly, accurately, objectively and without bias, whilst also respecting reasoned alternative and dissenting views.

·       be prepared to review any casework if any new information or developments are identified that would significantly impact on the output from your work.

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