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1st Jul 2022

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The UK-AFI Product Recall Database is no longer populated with the latest saftey recalls. For the latest safety recalls please see the following websites.


UK Governmnent - Office for Product Safety & Standards (OPSS) 

Product Safety Alerts, Reports and Recalls


Electrical Safety First

 Electrical Safety First Product Recalls & Safety Notices


The UK-AFI Product Recall Database includes safety recalls for items that have been linked to a risk of fire or overheating that have been published and identified spanning the last twenty years. The UK-AFI does not include items that have been recalled for other issues such as product or electrical safety, or contaimination concerns. The UK-AFI database is one of the most extensive databases in the UK and will remain online as a searchable historic record. For the latest product recalls please use the links above to refer to current safety recall databases.

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