SKK Lighting

Product Types

Light fittings & acc.

Recall Date

22nd Apr 2003

Serial Numbers

Not applicable

Contact Details

(T) 0207 359 6777 (F) 0207 359 6696 (E) [email protected] (W)

Manufactured Dates


Investigator Name



Product Recall

SKK LIGHTING are recalling their 20 Bulb Clear Light String

- Product Code MCLS02

These light strings are sold in conjunction with the SKK Micros and i-lantern collection of paper shades.

The PVC covering on the wire has been found to be of a single instead of a double extrusion, making the cable more susceptible to damage, this could expose a live wire with the risk of an electric shock.

If you have one of these products: Stop using the set immediately and call SKK lighting on 0207 359 6777 or 0207 434 4095 to arrange for a replacement. We apologise for any inconvenience and thank you for your co-operation.

SKK Lighting, 19A Islington Park Street, Islington, London, N1 1QB. (T) 0207 359 6777 (F) 0207 359 6696 (E) [email protected] (W)

(Published in the national press on the 8 March 2003)

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