Product Types

Hair Dryers

Recall Date

22nd Jan 2002

Serial Numbers

Date codes 240 to 540 (found at the back of the hairdryer).

Contact Details

Nearest authorised Philips Small Appliances Service centre

Manufactured Dates

October 1982 to recall date

Investigator Name



To owners of all Phillips Hood Hairdryers with model numbers HP 4616/A and HP 4619/A.

Philips wish to make technical adjustments to all of the above numbered hairdryers manufactured since October 1982. It has been discovered that these hood hairdryers could develop faults whilst in operation.

This service announcement applies ONLY to hood hairdryers with the model numbers slated (found at the top of the hood) and date codes 240 to 540 (found at the back of the hairdryer).

Owners should stop using any hood hairdryer with date codes between 240 and 540 and contact the nearest authorised Philips Small Appliances Service centre, details of which can be found in the local Yellow Pages, or telephone 01681 8321 to have their hood hairdryers inspected and serviced free of charge.

This notice countermands any previous announcement associated with these hairdryers.

(Published in the national press on 4 November 1985)

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