Product Types

Electric Blankets

Recall Date

2nd May 2001

Serial Numbers

All serial numbers

Contact Details

Blanella Limited, Thorpe Arch Mill, Wetherby, West Yorkshire

Manufactured Dates

April 1984 to February 1985

Investigator Name

Carey N.J

Safety warning Blanella electric underblankets: overheating problem

Owners of Cozee Cumfort JS 3P (single) and JD 3/P (double) blankets are advised to check whether there is a printed warning on the back of the control switch. If there is not, the blanket should not be used and should be returned to Blanella Limited, who will replace the blanket free of charge.

Blanella Limited, Thorpe Arch Mill, Wetherby, West Yorkshire.

These blankets are fitted with an overheating protection device. However some blankets have been incorrectly fitted with a switch intended for use with unprotected blankets. As a result, when he switch is on a low heat setting the full mains voltage is supplied to only half of the heating element, which overheats. So far two cases of these blankets catching fire have been reported to B.E.A.B. (As of March 1985)

Approximately 5,500 are suspect and these were mainly supplied to the South Eastern and Eastern Electricity Boards between lst April 1984 and 28th February 1985.

B.E.A.B. have advised the Unit that Blanella have agreed to place warning advertisements in the national press. Some of the suspect blankets have already been checked and the packaging of these has been marked with a white sticker. It is understood that the correct switches for these blankets are fitted with tamper-proof screws.

(Published in the national press on the 16 and 17 March 1985)

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