Product Types

Water Heater

Recall Date

24th Jan 2002

Serial Numbers

Between 50102 and 51590

Contact Details

Truma, telephone: 01283 511092

Manufactured Dates

All purchased in 1985

Investigator Name


Safety Warning

Carver Cascade water heaters fitted in new caravans purchased in 1985.

Carver Cascade water heaters work on gas cylinders and the potential danger lies in the steel DIN connection which can loosen, allowing gas to escape.

All caravan owners with carver Cascade 2 heaters should take the following action.

1. Switch off the gas.
2. Remove outer cowl.
3. Check the serial number.

Caravan owners should contact their local dealer immediately if their heater has a serial number between 50102 and 51590 and if they have not already been approached by the suppliers. Heaters within this serial number range should be examined and modified if necessary and should not be used until these checks have been carried out.

If caravan owners do not know who supplied their heater they should contact the manufacturers, Carver Co. (Engineers) Ltd. of Walsall. Telephone 01534 3755521

Updated on the 16 November 2002

Carver Co. (Engineers) Ltd has been sold to: Truma, telephone - 01283 511092

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