Product Types

Washer Dryers

Recall Date

14th Aug 2001

Serial Numbers

end in C688, C788, C888 or C988 (e.g. 005209 C688)

Contact Details

Telephone: 0800 848 848

Manufactured Dates


Investigator Name




Please read the following notification carefully. As a responsible manufacturer, Creda Limited are changing a component which could be faulty and has been found in a batch of:

Creda Washer Dryers Model Numbers 17306 17307 17308 17316 and 17317.

Manufactured between June and September 1988. The serial numbers
in question end in C688, C788, C888 or C988 (e.g. 005209 C688).

These machines should not be used unattended, whilst you are out of the house or overnight, until a service engineer has made an inspection. The affected component is a Radio Suppression Filter made by an external supplier and was only fitted to a relatively small number of machines.

If you feel that your machine may be in the above category and you have not already been notified, please check the model number and the serial number. These numbers are on the rating plate which can be found either on the inside of the hinge on the door (readable when the door is open) or underneath the powder drawer. It is also on the back of the machine.

If your machine has a model number quoted above and a serial number of this type, please contact us by telephoning free on 0800 848 848 or complete and return the coupon below (not reproduced) and we will make sure a service engineer visits you (totally free of charge) as quickly as possible to check your machine and install a new filter if necessary. We wish to stress this is only a precaution and that this problem affects a relatively small number of appliances. Thank you for your co-operation.

(Published in the national press - 4 November 1992)

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