Product Types

Bathroom cabinet

Recall Date

9th Feb 2002

Serial Numbers

Not applicable

Contact Details

Telephone: 01905 795796

Manufactured Dates

From 1 September 1995 to recall date (25/10/1996)

Investigator Name




Certain wood and resin cabinets supplied from 1st September 1995 do not fully comply with UK Electrical Regulations.

These cabinets are made to a European specification which complies with the regulations of other member states of the European Community. UK regulations differ from those elsewhere in Europe in requiring the electrical output of the shaver socket to be passed through a transformer. The use of a transformer reduces the likelihood of a shaver socket causing injury by electric shock if the unit is subject to damage or misuse. The cabinets now being recalled do not have transformers and do not therefore comply with UK regulations. Consumers are urged to co-operate with Allibert in the recall of these products.

Not all the cabinets have 'ALLIBERT' marked on them. Consumers will however be able to identify the units which are now being recalled by comparing the shaver socket on their cabinet with the photographs above.

If your cabinet has the European socket you should cease using it and contact the Allibert recall line on 01905 795796 for arrangements to be made to disconnect and remove it.

If your cabinet was purchased before 1st September 1995 there is no cause for concern.

If your cabinet has the UK shaver socket (even if purchased on or after 1st September 1995) there is also no cause for concern.

Consumers whose cabinets are recalled will obtain a full refund of purchase price.

Berry Hill Industrial Estate Droitwich Spa
Worcestershire WR9 9AB

(Published in The Guardian newspaper on the 25 October 1996)

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