Atlas Copco

Product Types

Batteries & Chargers

Recall Date

2nd Dec 2001

Serial Numbers

Production codes: BJE, CJE, DJE, EJE, FJE, GJE

Contact Details

Call: 01442 222328

Manufactured Dates

February to July 1995

Investigator Name

Carey N.J

Atlas Copco

Product Recall

Atlas Copco RC and SRC battery chargers

Atlas Copco Elektrowerkzeuge GmbH announces that, due to a technical failure which may occur under unfavourable conditions, there is a danger of overheating of battery chargers Atlas Copco RC and Atlas Copco SRC produced in February to July 1995.

Atlas Copco Elektrowerkzeuge GmbH has undertaken all necessary steps to call back existing stock of these chargers from its dealers. They also ask end users having acquired these chargers lately to return these products to their electric power tools dealer, where they will be supplied with a replacement unit.

All chargers with the following production codes on the bottom plate should be returned:


For further information please call 01442 222328

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