Product Types

Motor vehicles

Recall Date

29th May 2020

Serial Numbers

McLaren 570GT: e11*2007/46*3432*01 to e11*2007/46*3432*12 , McLaren 720S: e11*2007/46*3432*04 to e11*2007/46*3432*12 e5*2007/46*1205*00 to e5*2007/46*1205*04 , McLaren GT: e5*2007/46*1205*02 to e5*2007/46*1205*04, McLaren Senna: e11*2007/46*3432*08 to e1

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Manufactured Dates

McLaren 570GT – 01/05/2016 to 15/03/2019 McLaren 720s – 07/10/2016 to 26/02/2020 McLaren Senna – 26/04/2016 to 14/12/2019 McLaren GT – 10/08/2019 to 13/03/2020

Investigator Name

European Commission Alert System for dangerous non-food products

The noise vibration and harshness foam pad (NVH foam pad) situated underneath the fuel tank can potentially retain corrosive moisture from the environment that can cause micro-porations in the fuel tank.

Consequently, small quantities of fuel may leak, posing a risk to the following traffic. /

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