Day Healthcare Ltd

Product Types

Mobility Scooter

Recall Date

8th Mar 2007

Serial Numbers

EV10FB-UK00002 to EV10FB-UK00517 (Maxi 3) EV10FA-UK00157 to EV10FA-UK02101 (Maxi 4) EV10Dc-UK00101 to EV10DC-UK01227 (Midi 4 Plus)

Contact Details

Contact dealer who supplied in order to arrage necessary update at no cost to owner

Manufactured Dates

April 2004 and March 2006

Investigator Name


The Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) is warning users of Maxi 3, Maxi 4 and Midi 4 Plus mobility scooters about a potential fire risk during use.

The MHRA is aware of two incidents in the UK where scooters have caught fire. No injuries were reported in either case. The manufacturer, Day Healthcare Ltd., have initiated an update of the battery wiring of those scooters to remove risk of fire during use. There is potential for further incidents if the manufacturers’ updates are not carried out.

Owners of those scooters manufactured between April 2004 and March 2006, which can be identified by the serial numbers listed below, should contact the dealer who supplied it to them to arrange for the necessary update to be carried out. The manufacturer has stated that this will be carried out at no cost to the owner.

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