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Recall Date

2nd Jul 2001

Serial Numbers

All serial numbers

Contact Details

Freephone 0800 0732473 Lines open from 9.00am - 5.00pm (or if purchased from Tescos contact 0800 320590).

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Investigator Name

Spencer P


Wharfedale 28 inch Widescreen TVs - Model 890 and M8

As a precautionary measure Profilo Electronics is modifying some 28 inch widescreen TVs which may contain a faulty component. In some circumstances the fault could cause overheating and a fire risk. The faulty component is only contained in the following Televisions

Wharfedale 28 inch Widescreen TV Model 890 (Black)

Wharefdale 28 inch Widescreen TV Model M8 (Silver)

The model number can be found written on the back of the Television and in the instruction booklet.

What You Should Do

1. Turn off the set and unplug it
2. Do not use the TV
3. Contact the customer helpline on the number below

A free of charge home visit will be arranged to check and modify your set if necessary. No other sizes or models of Wharfedale TV are affected.

(Published in the national press on the 2 August 2001)

Recall notice updated in September 2002:

Urgent Safety Notice

28" Widescreen TV

Wharfedale M8 and 890 models only. (The model number is on the back of the TV)

If you have purchased one of these sets from us we need you to:

Turn the set off.
Contact us on 0800 320590 as soon as possible.

Please get in touch even if we came out to modify your television set last year.

Tesco apologises for any inconvenience this may cause.

(Published on the Tesco website in Sptember 2002)

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