Product Types

Air freshener

Recall Date

2nd May 2001

Serial Numbers

Not applicable

Contact Details

Telephone: 0800 556644 Post: Johnson Wax Ltd Freepost 2431, Frimley Green, Camberley, Surrey GU16 5AJ

Manufactured Dates

All before July 1993

Investigator Name

Carey N.J

Important announcement


We have received a number of complaints relating to Glade Plug-Ins electrical air fresheners. There is a remote possibility that they could cause socket and property damage. As a precaution Johnson Wax Ltd have decided to recall those electrical air fresheners manufactured prior to July 1993 and which bear either of the reference codes SCJ005 or SCJ05A. The codes can be located on the back of the unit, in the top left hand corner (see below).

Please note that electrical air fresheners with any other reference number are not affected and may be used in complete safety.

What action should I take?

1. Switch off all units at the wall socket.
2. Remove the unit from the wall socket IT IS SAFE TO DO THIS.
3. Check the reference number on the back of all units as shown below, please remove the fragrance cartridge and return unit(s) to the FREEPOST address below. No stamp required. Each unit will be replaced.
4. You must include your name and address and we will send your new unit(s) within 28 days.

Johnson Wax Ltd Freepost 2431, Frimley Green, Camberley, Surrey GU16 5AJ

In case of difficulty please call 0800 556644

(Published: 12 October 1994)

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