Product Types


Recall Date

6th Dec 2000

Serial Numbers

All beginning with

Contact Details

0800 731 9593

Manufactured Dates


Investigator Name

Carey N.J


Daewoo Television
Model GB20T8ST

Daewoo Electronics has identified a potential problem with a small number of its television sets, which could lead to the appliance overheating which may eventually cause lasting damage.

The only Daewoo television model affected is the GB20T8ST.

The model number is located on the rear of the cabinet together with the serial number which begins with FT and is followed by a further eight digits.

If you own a Daewoo television with the above model number please call the Daewoo Helpline on 0800 731 9593 at your earliest convenience and quote your television's serial number and a contact telephone number. A Daewoo engineer will then call you to arrange a convenient date and time to visit your home - free of charge - to make the necessary alteration to your television.

If the picture quality of your television starts to deteriorate, and there is no apparent external cause for such deterioration, please turn off your television and contact the Daewoo Helpline as soon as possible.

We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused.

(Published in the national press on 29 September 1999)

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