Sony Ericsson

Product Types

Batteries & Chargers

Recall Date

29th Sep 2003

Serial Numbers

ID number - BML 162 099/3 R1A

Contact Details

Customer care centre hotline (24 hours) 0800 587 6072

Manufactured Dates


Investigator Name


Faulty Sony Ericsson UK-charger: CST-13, produced by Delta

Identified by 'Made in Thailand by Delta' and the unique ID number: BML 162 099/3 R1A

Sony Ericsson recalls faulty mobile phone chargers

We have identified a problem with one of the chargers supplied with our range of mobile phones and accessories. There is a small risk of component failure within the product which could result in a pressure build up inside the charger. As a result of the build up, the top plastic part of the charger could break off with the danger of hitting a person, exposing live wiring within the unit and leading to a risk of electric shock to a person touching these parts and possible fire risk if there are flammable materials nearby.

The type of chargers which may malfunction are labelled 'Made in Thailand by Delta' and have the identification number BML 162 099/3 R1A clearly shown on the socket-face of the charger (the side that faces the wall when plugged in). ONLY THESE CHARGERS ARE AFFECTED.

If you have one of these chargers please take the following action immediately:

1. Stop using the charger, switch off mains socket and remove it from the mains socket without touching any of the internal parts.

2. Call our CUSTOMER CARE CENTRE hotline for a free replacement charger (Please have the charger's identification number to hand when you call).

A new charger will be sent to you. A pre-paid envelope will also be provided for you to return your existing charger.

Call our CUSTOMER CARE CENTRE on 0800 587 6072. This free phone number will be open from 9am today, 9th September, for 24hrs a day until further notice.

We apologise for any inconvenience caused and thank you for your co-operation and understanding. We are currently investigating the cause of this fault. No other Sony Ericsson products are affected by this recall.

0800 587 6072

(Published in the national press on the 9 September 2003)

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