Product Types


Recall Date

14th Aug 2001

Serial Numbers

Serial number ending in D86, D87, or D88

Contact Details

Freephone (0800) 838114

Manufactured Dates

January 1986 to October 1988

Investigator Name



The manufacturers of Candy, Electra and Kelvinator dishwashers have issued an important safety announcement stating that a modification is required on certain models of the dishwashers produced between January 1986 and October 1988. The models can be identified by the Serial number ending in D86, D87, or D88.

The serial number is located on a label situated on the top left hand corner of the door aperture and also on the rating plate located on the lower rear panel.

Owners of the machines are advised that these dishwashers should not be used unattended until the modification has been completed. They are asked to telephone Freephone (0800) 838114, quoting the brand, model and full serial number, to enable the modification to be carried out free of charge.

(Published in the national press - 20 August 1989)

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