Product Types

Batteries & Chargers

Recall Date

2nd Dec 2001

Serial Numbers

Codes from 9531 to 9546 with the text Made in Norway

Contact Details

Customer Service Line 0800 320520

Manufactured Dates


Investigator Name

Carey N.J

Mascot Electronic announces

Important Safety Notice

Faulty Chargers Distributed with Mobile Phones

Potentially faulty chargers have been delivered this autumn to sales channels and users with some mobile telephones manufactured by Nokia. The chargers have been manufactured by Mascot Electronic in Norway, who will replace these products at no cost to users.

The potentially faulty charger may cease to operate in normal use, its plastic cover may crack, and the wall socket pins may become loose. Removing the loose pins from the socket may pose an electrical shock hazard. If it looks at all damaged, switch it off at the mains.

A potentially faulty charger can be identified easily:

In the UK the chargers have been delivered with Nokia branded phones as part of the basic sales package or separately as accessories. Potential faults only concern the chargers for these phones.

Only one charger type may be faulty: it has grooves on the side and has the text 'Made in Norway' on the charger's label. Potentially faulty units of the ACH-4X chargers carry a label code from 9531 to 9546 as shown below.

Note: Non UK chargers purchased abroad by UK phone users may also be affected (ACH-4E 2 pin plug).

In case you are in possession of this charger type, we kindly ask you to call the Mascot customer service line 0800 320520 (from Friday 8th December, 8am) for information and replacement service. Do not use or distribute these chargers.

Mascot Electronic Customer Service Line 0800 320520

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