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Recall Date

1st May 2001

Serial Numbers

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Contact Details

Customer Service department on 0121 200 1212

Manufactured Dates


Investigator Name

Carey N.J

Swan Teasmade 10890 Quality check recall

Swan has identified a possible electrical fault in a small number of these teasmades.

If you possess a teasmade with a model number 10890 located on the base take it to your nearest Swan service agent for modification. Any teasmade that does not match the picture or does not have the code 10890 on the base is not affected.

Your appliance has a 3 digit date code on the base. If this number is 432 or there is no date code, and the base has five drain holes close to the area containing the product number, the appliance is not affected by this recall and is safe to use.

The address of your nearest Service agent is on a leaflet in the teasmade box. In case of difficulty, telephone the Customer Service department on 0121 200 1212 for the name of your nearest service agent. Please telephone between 8.30 am and 4.30 pm Monday to Friday and mention the teasmade recall.

Swan apologises for any inconvenience, and assures customers that the above fault is restricted to a small number of the model mentioned above.

(Published July 1992)

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