All model numbers starting RS21; RS60; RSE8; RSH1; RSJ1 & SN62

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Side-by-Side Fridge Freezer
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All these model sold
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Samsung has a website containing information about the home visit programme: Alternatively, you can arrange for a free repair by contacting Samsung on 0800 988 0123.
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In 2009 Samsung launched a free in-home inspection and repair programme for some of their Fridge Freezers. In 2013 this was extended to include further potentially affected models. All affected models have been discontinued. Samsung Electronics decided to take this action following investigations into a possible defect in the assembly of the models' defrost system. In very rare cases, there is a possibility of internal sparking to occur which may pose a potential fire risk, in even fewer cases, it may lead to a personal safety issue or structural damage to the appliance.

The Samsung Fridge Freezer models included in the programme are:

• Series RS21 – All model numbers starting RS21A, RS21D, RS21F, RS21J, RS21K, RS21N, RS21W

• Series RS60 – All model numbers starting RS60D, RS60J, RS60K

• Series RSE8 – All model numbers starting RSE8D, RSE8J, RSE8K

• Series RSH1 – All model numbers starting RSH1D, RSH1F, RSH1J, RSH1K, RSH1N

• Series RSJ1 – All model numbers starting RSJ1F, RSJ1J

• Series SN62 – All model numbers starting SN627, SN629

You can find the model number of your fridge freezer as shown above.

Updated on 02/12/2014