TBF610, TBF650 and TBF690

Product Type: 
Ovens (Electric & Gas)
Product Manufacturer: 
Tricity Bendix
Serial number(s): 
See serial number list below
Recall Date: 
Monday, 29 March, 2010
Manufactured dates: 
From March 2007
Contact Details: 
Helpline: 0800 707 6258 Web: <a href="http://www.electrolux.co.uk" www.electrolux.co.uk</a>
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Built In Electric Ovens - safety notice

The following notice has been published in the national press:


Our quality control programme has identified under certain circumstances
there is a potential risk of fire whilst using the grill function on a limited
number of Single Built In Electric Ovens branded Electrolux, Zanussi-
Electrolux, Moffat and Tricity Bendix.

The Model (Mod), Product Number (Prod.No. e.g. 949712xxx) and Serial
Number (Ser.No.) of the oven are printed on the rating plate which is visible
on the left hand side of the oven when the door is open. The location of
the plate is also shown in the user manual supplied with the appliance. If
your appliance details match those given in the table below and fails into
the product number and serial number range your oven may be an affected
model and require inspection by one of our technicians. Products purchased
before March 2007 are not affected.

Brand Model Ser.No. start Ser.No. finish
Electrolux EOB21001 71200001 81999999
Electrolux EOB51001 71200001 81999999
Electrolux EOB53001 71000001 81999999
Moffat MSF611 74400001 81999999
Moffat MSF616 74400001 81999999
Moffat MSF620 74400001 81999999
Moffat MSS601 74400001 81999999
Tricity Bendix TBF610 74000001 81999999
Tricity Bendix TBF650 74000001 81999999
Tricity Bendix TBF690 73700001 81999999
Zanussi- ZBF260 73700001 81999999
Zanussi- ZBF360 73700001 81999999
Zanussi- ZBF560 73700001 81999999
Zanussi- ZBQ465 73700001 81999999
Zanussi- ZOB150 80800001 81999999
Zanussi- ZOB160 73700001 81999999
Zanussi- ZOB230 80600001 81999999
Zanussi- ZOB330 80600001 81999999
Zanussi- ZOB551 80600001 81999999
Zanussi- ZOB580 80600001 81999999
Zanussi- ZOB660 74100001 81999999

Customers owning one of these ovens should contact our Helpline on
0800 707 6258 (UK customers) or 1 800 812638 (ROI customers) between
8.00am-6.00pm Monday to Friday, or between 9.00am-5.00pm
Saturday and Sunday. Alternatively, you can check if you have an affected
appliance by visiting our website at www.electrolux.co.uk Follow
the link to the product safety checker and enter your product number
and serial number. Please note: If your appliance is one of the affected
models, you must contact our call centre on the number
above. This safety notice does not affect any other Electrolux,
Zanussi-Electrolux, Moffatt or Tricity Bendix appliances. We apologise
for any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your cooperation.

FREEPOST RRYL-BRHZ-BKSK, Electrolux, 250 Gunnersbury Avenue,
London W4 5QB

(Source: The Sunday Times, 16th August 2009)