WJ760, 761, 762 & BJ280

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All serial numbers
Recall Date: 
Sunday, 1 July, 2001
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Contact Details: 
Telephone: 020 8787 3111
Investigator Name: 
Carey N.J

Product recall notice

Premier 360 degree and Dream Cuisine
Cordless Filter Kettles

A potential problem has been identified with the above kettle, Model Nos. WJ760, 761, 762 & BJ280, that could, over a period of extended use in hard water areas, cause the handle to overheat.

In the interests of customer satisfaction, and as a precautionary measure, the kettles have been withdrawn from sale. Anyone who has purchased one of these products should return it to the retailer concerned where a full refund will be given. A receipt is not necessary. In case of difficulty please call 020 8787 3111.