Avent Bottle and Baby foods warmers

Product Type: 
Baby bottle/food warmers
Product Manufacturer: 
Serial number(s): 
All serial numbers up to 80,000
Recall Date: 
Wednesday, 30 January, 2002
Manufactured dates: 
Contact Details: 
Contact the local retailer the product was purchased from.
Investigator Name: 


To owners, wholesalers and retailers of Avent Bottle and Baby foods Warmers.

The stringent quality control procedures exercised by DBK, the manufacturers of the 'Avent' product, have revealed a possible defect when not used according to the instructions. Whilst the number of appliances involved is very few and the probability is that yours is satisfactory, as a responsible supplier of baby products Avent feel you should check your bottle warmer but only if it has been purchased after March 1st 1993, by taking the following action:

1. Unplug the appliance and uncoil the wire.

2. Check on the base for the following batch code indicators. If the unit does not have one of the above illustrated codes take no further action. If the unit also has a label on the base with a serial number above 80,000 also take no further action.

If the unit does have the above codes and only if purchased after March 1st 1993 please return it to the retailer from where it was purchased for a direct replacement.

(Published in the Daily Telegraph newspaper on the 21 July 1993)