Product Type: 
Microwave ovens
Product Manufacturer: 
Serial number(s): 
All serial numbers
Recall Date: 
Wednesday, 2 May, 2001
Manufactured dates: 
Contact Details: 
Telephone: 0800 300309 Post: Sharp Consumer Care Department, FREEPOST, Manchester, M10 8BU.
Investigator Name: 
Carey N.J

Important notice

Sharp Microwave Oven Model number R8310

As a result of our continued commitment to quality and reliability the possibility of a potential fault has been discovered on the 240V 50Hz version of the model mentioned above, which has been exclusively manufactured for the British market and was sold by Sharp Electronics (U.K.) Ltd., that may result in a component requiring modification.

It is important to mention that no other Sharp Microwave Ovens are affected.

To check whether your oven is one requiring this modification, check the model number on the plate on the back of your machine and at the same time make a note of your serial number. We advise that you should not operate the machine until it has been thoroughly checked by a Sharp Authorised Service Company. The inspection of your machine will be carried out in your own home, free of charge.

Please quote your name, address, telephone number, model and serial number when you contact us free on 0800 300309. If you are not able to telephone please write with the above details to Sharp Consumer Care Department, FREEPOST, Manchester, M10 8BU. No stamp is required.

Sharp Electronics (U.K.) Ltd., apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.