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Welcome to the website of the UK Association of Fire Investigators (IAAI) UK Chapter. This website has been created as a tool for members and non-members alike. UK-AFI members can also find additional resources by logging in via "Member Navigation".

The main objectives of the UK-AFI are: The preservation of life and property and prevention of crime for the public benefit, in particular by: 
  1. Developing and maintaining good practice in the investigation of fire and arson by ensuring the highest professional standards of competence; 
  2. Developing technical knowledge in fire and arson investigation techniques and procedures and making that knowledge available to professionals, service providers and the public.


Standing Order Forms and Online Membership payments

UK-AFI Individual members have been asked to set up standing orders for their annual subscriptions which re-commenced on 1 June 2016.  If you are not covered by a corportate membership scheme via your employer, please use this link to download the standing order form: http://www.uk-afi.org/become-member Alternativly, you can pay for your annual membership online via this link: http://www.uk-afi.org/repay-membership

1 August 2016

UK Chapter received an award at this years AGM in Orlando Florida

The award, Outstanding Chapter Publication Award was received by President Nick Carey and Editor Peter Mansi.  The California Chapter was also a recipient of the same award.

Hover Board fire risks prompt seizure and product recall

Trading standards seizure.

Trading standards have seized approximatley 15,000 so called 'Hover Boards' as chargers and 13 Amp plugs do not meet Standards, please see the attached news story:  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-34975178

Hover Board recall

Two retailers have recently published product recalls for 'Hover Boards' which they have sold pre-2016. Please use this link to view the details of the product recall: http://www.uk-afi.org/product-recall/2015-12-05/air-runner

Fire risks prompt tumble dryer recall

A "significant' number of tumble dryers sold in the last 11 years in the UK may need a repair owing to fears about fires.

Owners of large air-vented dryers and condensing dryers under the Hotpoint, Indesit and Creda brands may need to have them fixed.

Indesit said that excess fluff could catch the heating element in the machine and cause a fire. It is recalling many dryers bought between April 2004 and October 2015.

The company said that the tumble dryers could still be used but should not if they were left unattended. It is asking owners to check whether their machine is one of those affected and, if so, to contact the company through its dedicated website.

Autumn 2015 Newsletter

The UK-AFI Newsletter, Autumn 2015 can now be found in the members section, Downloads.


Final Fire Investigation Protocol & Comments

"Dear Members
We are delighted to present the final post consultation draft of the Protocol for fire scene investigation which will link to the Forensic Science Regulators code of conduct.  The previous consultation was hugely successful and provided over 45 pages of comments all of which have been addressed and the responses to these are also available here.  The team are inordinately grateful for the level of engagement from across the fire investigation community where all quarters of the community were represented and had their voice heard.  As a consequence of this very positive and cross sectorial engagement the protocol has been significantly modified and improved.  
Because of the level of modification we would like to open the document again for comments on matters that have not already been addressed.  Once this has occurred we will work directly with the Forensic Science Regulators office to prepare the final document which will carry her endorsement.  Please send any comments by the 13th MARCH directly to Professor Niamh Nic Daeid at the University of Dundee at [email protected]"
Consultation Comments pdf 519 KB

FICOP Post Consultation Draft pdf 538 KB
Thanks folks

New link to East Sussex 'Black Museum' website.

The Community Fire Safety Department of East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service have published a website that highlights the dangers of real life fires click here 'Black Museum' or see the link in our Useful Links.

Developing coordinated approaches to investigating and preventing fires report.

This programme was funded by the Scottish Universities Insight Institute, and ran 
from December 2011 to February 2012. The programme team members were: 
• Prof.  Niamh  NicDaeid,  Professor  of  Forensic  Science,  Centre  for  Forensic 
Science, University of Strathclyde 
• Prof.  Sue  Black,  Professor  of  Anatomy  and  Forensic  Anthropology, Dundee 
• Mr Gary Holcroft, Head  of  Physical Sciences, Scottish  Police Services Authority 
Forensic Services
See link to the report

A dedicated forum is now available in the 'Member Navigation' section 

An on-line forum has been created for members once they log in. This allows members to post informtation or questions on a variety of topics.