The IAAI has a long history of philanthropy including the sponsorship of academic scholarships and the awarding of grants for the purposes of conducting research and the development of academic and professional development programs.  As the 67th Chapter of the IAAI the UK-AFI Board have agreed to develop its own research and academic grant program aimed to provide its members with financial assistance, up to a maximum value of £2000 per annum, in support of research and study of fire investigation related work or projects.

The UK-AFI Research and Academic Development Grant Program is open to members of the UK-AFI, who are actively involved in the support and/or training of fire investigators or planning to conduct testing and/or research in areas and fields germane to fire investigation.
To be eligible for consideration, all applicants must be fully paid members of the UK-AFI for a minimum period of 2 years.

The UK-AFI Research and Academic Development Grant Program is designed to support the development of its members by providing financial support to professionals who are members of the UK-AFI for the purpose of encouraging testing and research in subject areas germane to the field of fire investigation. Full details of the program can be found HERE

Should you require further details please email [email protected]

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