Jon Stewart

North West

Jon  Stewart started his career in fire when he joined the Royal Air Force as a firefighter in 1987.

After leaving the RAF in 1992, Jon joined Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS) where he has served for the past 23 years. He is currently a Watch Manager at Eccles Fire Station in Salford.

As a ‘rider officer’ Jon has been exposed to the investigation of fires throughout his career. He joined the world of fire investigation in 2002 as a full time member of the fire investigation team. During that time his interest motivated him to enrol and later graduate from the Anglia Ruskin University with an MSc in Fire Investigation in 2007

Also in 2007, Jon became a member of Manchester’s first ever dedicated Fire Investigation Team, where he worked within a team of eight, investigating fires full time. Whilst a member of the FIT, he attended a large numbers of fires and explosions of all types, up to and including fire related murders.

Jon has always maintained a keen interest in training and played a key part in the training in fire investigation of around 70-80 of Manchester’s Crime Scene Investigators. In addition he came up with the idea of producing a training programme aimed at first responders, highlighting their role in the investigation process.

Jon maintains his links with fire investigation through acting as a consultant for IFIC Forensics. He says that working in the private sector has added “a new perspective for me but nonetheless interesting “