Product Type: 
Safeguard+ Electric Shower
Product Manufacturer: 
Recall Date: 
Thursday, 7 March, 2019
Manufactured dates: 
Affected units start with the product code CSGP0 and have a date code stamp between 05/14 (May 2014) to 12/16 (December 2016). This date code is on the product rating label located on the underside of the product
Contact Details: 
Full details can be found at:
Investigator Name: 
Electrical Safety First
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It has come to our attention that under very rare circumstances and in a very small number of cases, a part of the electronic circuit board of the Safeguard+ shower may develop a fault which could lead to overheating and a potential risk of electric shock or fire hazard.

If your shower is showing any signs of discolouration you MUST stop using it immediately and contact the manufacturer.