AM04 Hot and AM05 Hot+Cool Heaters

Product Type: 
Fan Heater
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Recall Date: 
Monday, 24 March, 2014
Manufactured dates: 
Pre March 2014
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Dyson is recalling their AM04 Hot and AM05 Hot+Cool Heaters because they can short-circuit and may catch fire.

Dyson has sold over 1 million of these heaters worldwide and have had 4 reports of the heaters catching fire. We have asked Dyson how many of these heaters were sold in the UK. Unfortunately, they will not say. We assume it is a significant chunk of the 1 million.

Dyson advises all customers who own the affected products to stop using the heater and unplug it.

Dyson are taking back the affected heaters, repairing them and returning them to customers.


Dyson Fan Heaters Affected By This Recall

The Dyson Fan Heaters affected by this recall are:-

  • Dyson AM04 Hot Heater
  • Dyson AM05 Hot+Cool Heater
  • All AM04 and AM05 heaters sold prior to the launch of this recall in March 2014, are affected


What Should You Do If You Have An Affected Dyson Fan Heater?

If you have one of the affected Dyson Fan Heaters you can register your heater for repair at Dyson Heater Recall Registration

If you have any questions or concerns about this recall you can call Dyson on 0800 090 1400.