Christmas candles: DEB2681203021, DES2681203016, H0F761205945, H0F761205953

Product Type: 
Candles & Candle Holders
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Not applicable
Recall Date: 
Monday, 29 January, 2001
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Investigator Name: 
Carey N.J
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Green & Gold Fir Tree Style £9.99

Cream & Gold jewelled Pillar Style £9.99

Round Green Leaf embossed with

Red Berries £6.50

Debenhams and House-of Fraser have
established that the manufacturer's
Christmas candies listed above do not
meet their required safety standards.
All stock has been removed from sale
due to potential fire risk.

DEB2681203021, DES2681203016, H0F761205945, H0F761205953

In the interest of safety these candies should not be lit. Debenhams and House of Fraser ask customers who have purchased the above products to return them to their local Debenhams or House of Fraser where a full refund will be given.