G1100/GE1100 and G1700i/GE1700i

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See text below
Recall Date: 
Wednesday, 26 January, 2011
Manufactured dates: 
Produced between September 2003 to February 2009
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Telephone 01908 214004 Email [email protected]
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IMPORTANT: Voluntary Recall of Makita Portable Generator

Models G1100/GE1100 and G1700i/GE1700i with a possibility of leaking fuel.

As a result of strict internal quality control monitoring there is a possibility that during transportation fuel leakages can occur due to the outlet nipple breaking off the fuel tank of our portable generators.

A replacement part is available and we will be replacing the affected part free of charge. Therefore, customers who have purchased and are using any of these generators please stop using them and contact Makita directly via the details provided below.

Models Affected

Makita G1700i and G1100
Dolmar GE1700i and GE1100

Produced between September 2003 to February 2009

Location of Serial Number Label

Generator serial number label is located on the right hand side when viewed from the control panel. However, on some products it is located on the rear cover, please refer to the following.

Brand Model Product Number Serial Number of Affected Units (7 digit)
Makita G1700i RAS170XXXXX #3000003 3000688
#3010003 3021505
#6000001 6017296
#8000001 - 8004382
Dolmar GE1700i
Makita G1100 RGS170XXXXX #4000001 4000376
#4010001 4015102
#7000001 7002206
#9000001 - 9000487
Dolmar GE1100

Required Action

Owners of these types and models of generators must stop using them immediately and contact Makita via the details below.

Contact Information

Telephone 01908 214004
Fax 01908 612672
Website http://makitauk.com
Email [email protected]

If you are a dealer and you wish to display this information for your customers in your shop, please find the above information available to download as a PDF.

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