Models - T21HA-C, T22HA-C, T23HA-C, T65A-C, T69A-C, T70A-C, T71A-C

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Product Manufacturer: 
Serial number(s): 
Recall Date: 
Thursday, 8 March, 2007
Manufactured dates: 
Supplied since April 2006
Contact Details: 
0800 389 9446/[email protected]
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Greenbrook electrical wired in timers have been recalled after the discovery that the units are a fire risk.

Anyone who owns one of these units should switch it off immediately and contact the company on 0800 389 9446 to obtain a replacement.

The manufacturers have discovered that there is a fault in a number of their timers which causes excessive heat in the terminal block, and can even lead to them scorching or actually catching alight.

The company has issued previous warnings that screws need to be tightened to make them safe, but they have subsequently discovered that there is a manufacturing defect in a number of units which causes them to become dangerously hot.

The fault occurs only in units in models which have the letter A in their part number – for example T69A-C – which were first supplied in April 2006.

If you think that you have one of these units in your home contact Greenbrook on 0800 389 9446 or email [email protected]

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