Revolution 5000 (S5980) & Revolution Power Plus 5000 (S5980)

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Vacuum Cleaners
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Recall Date: 
Monday, 15 January, 2007
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Customers with either of the above models should call Míele for a free of charge component upgrade on 01793 348842 between 9.00am and 5.00pm (Mon-Fri, excluding New Year's Day). Please have the serial number of your vacuum cleaner available when you call.
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Under extreme power supply circumstances in the UK, and when left in extended standby mode (initiated by the switch on the handle or the parking system), an internal electronic component may overheat and fail. In exceptional circumstances this heat may cause some damage to the external casing.

Only Míele vacuum cleaner models Revolution 5000 (S5980) and Revolution Power Plus 5000 (S5980) are affected. No other Míele vacuum cleaners are affected.


The vacuum cleaner can be identified by the name on the front cover and model reference S5980 on the dataplate on the underside of the vacuum cleaner. The serial number of the vacuum cleaner is also shown on this data plate at the top right hand corner in the format Nr**/*******.


The vacuum cleaner can continue to be used but until the component upgrade has been completed customers should not use the standby feature (handle switch or parking system). Míele recommends that the vacuum cleaner should always be switched off after use, either using the main foot switch or at the wall socket.