E2Mi.5 Series

Product Type: 
Product Manufacturer: 
BOC Edwards
Serial number(s): 
lower than 996091640
Recall Date: 
Monday, 30 May, 2005
Manufactured dates: 
Not stated
Contact Details: 
Not included
Investigator Name: 

We've just received a product recall from BOC Edwards on their E2Mi.5
Series Rotary Vane Pump Motor Capacitor. This is a capacitor unit
which is fitted to a vacuum pump generally used with GC-MS equipment in
a chemistry or analytical lab and may have been supplied as standard
with Hwelet Packart or Agilent equipment. The recall notice effects
items with product code numbers A371-23-902, A371-23-919, A371-24-902
and A371-24-919. and with serial number lower than 996091640. The
capicitors have been linked a number of fires.