Kids 60 Starter Kit Aquarium Hood PD60 (Model Number 0520618)

Product Type: 
Aquarium hood
Product Manufacturer: 
Muller & Pfleger
Serial number(s): 
Not applicable
Recall Date: 
Monday, 26 April, 2004
Manufactured dates: 
01.06.2003 to 08.01.2004
Contact Details: 
Tel.: +49 6361-92160; Email [email protected]
Investigator Name: 

Product Recall of
Aquarium Hood PD60
for mp Kids 60 Starter Kits

(Model Number 0520618)

This notice relates to all aquarium hoods for Kids 60 starter kit (product no. 0340670 or 0340675 or 0340680) bearing the model number 0520618 and with a date of manufacture 01.06.2003 to 08.01.2004.

The model number and the date of manufacture are printed on a blue sticker situated on the underside of the hood by the light fitting.

The model number is printed just to the right of the word "Typ". The date of manufacture is stamped in larger numbers to the right of the model number in the format: month/day/year. Eg. 082903 means 29th August 2003.

Despite careful quality control, it has been established that under certain unfavourable conditions the light unit can overheat in use. In extreme cases this could result in the hood catching fire.

For security reasons Muller & Pfleger has decided to carry out a product recall for these aquarium hoods.

Anyone who has purchased one of the aforementioned aquarium hoods is asked to contact their aquatic retailer or us direct at:

Muller & Pfleger GmbH & Co. KG
Industriegebiet Kreuzwiese 13
D-67802 Rockenhausen
Tel.: +49 6361-92160
Fax.: +49 6361-7644
Email [email protected]

After taking your address details at your aquatics retailer or at Muller & Pfieger, a new hood will be provided free of charge with our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

(Published in the national press on the 20 April 2004)