30" ride-on mowers (other brand names: Sentinel, Yard King or Hayter)

Product Type: 
Garden equipment
Product Manufacturer: 
Serial number(s): 
See details below
Recall Date: 
Sunday, 23 June, 2002
Manufactured dates: 
Since 1995
Contact Details: 
Telephone: 0860 616293
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IMPORTANT SAFETY NOTICE Murray 30" Ride-on Mowers

Murray Inc. is recalling certain 30" rear engine and mid engine ride-on mowers purchased since 1995 and sold in the UK in varying specifications under the brand names: Murray, Sentinel, Yard King or Hayter.

In a small number of instances there has been evidence that the petrol tank may leak, posing a potential fire hazard. Our records show no incidence of the problem with rear engine ride-ons in the U.K. and only isolated instances relating to last year's model of the mid engine ride-on.

Nevertheless, as a responsible company with consumer safety always in mind, we believe it is prudent that all practical steps be taken to minimise any potential risk.


Murray, Sentinel and Yard King
MODEL NO: 30503x--, 30540x--, 30566x--
Hayter TYPE: CODE 130S
Nameplate located either at the back of the unit on the frame or behind the seat support.

Murray, Sentinel and Yard King
MODEL NO: 309005x--, 309012x--
Hayter TYPE: CODE 133T
Raise the seat deck to view nameplate.

If you have one of the affected models stop using the machine immediately and contact your retailer or authorised service dealer where arrangements will be made to replace the petrol tank.

If you experience difficulty contacting your retailer or service dealer phone 0860 616293.