9.5kW Electric Shower

Product Type: 
Showers (electric)
Product Manufacturer: 
Serial number(s): 
See recall details
Recall Date: 
Tuesday, 22 January, 2002
Manufactured dates: 
1st June 2001 and 30th September 2001
Contact Details: 
Tel: 0800 783 5242
Investigator Name: 



We have found a potential fault with a few products from a batch of Essentials 9.5kW model electric showers which in extreme circumstances gives a small risk of overheat or, in the unlikely event of a heater tank failure, a very small risk of electric shock.

Product Identification

The products potentially affected would have been purchased through B&Q and other independent retailers between 1st June 2001 and 30th September 2001. They can be identified by:

* Label on top of the case stating "Essentials 9.5 J89L" and

* One of the following 4 digit numbers on the case next to the label: 1701, 1801, 1901, 2001 or 2401.

Note: If your product also has a "Quality Checked" label on the bottom of the unit next to the hose outlet then it will already have been checked and is not affected by this notice.

What to do

We would like to arrange for an engineer to visit your home and carry out a simple safety check. If you have purchased a shower in the affected batch:

1. Stop using ft immediately

2. Contact our Freephone helpline to arrange a service visit

0800 783 5242

If you are not sure about the identification or have any other questions then please also contact our customer helpline.

Products Not Affected: Other Essentials 9.5kW Showers, Essentials 8.5kW (J89K) or 7.5 kW (J89J) are not affected by this notice.

(The following notice has been published in the national press)