VSX-839 RDS and VSX-859 RDS

Product Type: 
Hi-Fi Equipment
Product Manufacturer: 
Serial number(s): 
All serial numbers
Recall Date: 
Monday, 2 April, 2001
Manufactured dates: 
From November 2000
Contact Details: 
Pioneer AV Hotline 0800 0850202 (9.00am to 5.00pm, Mon-Fri).
Investigator Name: 
Weeden C.

Safety Warning

Pioneer VSX-839 RDS and VSX-859 RDS A/V Receivers - Recall


A/V Receivers

Pioneer VSX-839 RDS and VSX-859 RDS

On sale in the UK from November 2000

Pioneer has recently discovered that some VSX-839 RDS and VSX-859 RDS sold from November 2000 may be affected by a quality problem. The possible failure of an internal component could result in these AV Receivers switching themselves off under certain conditions.

In addition, there is a possibility that some components on the circuit-board might break down causing smoke to appear from within the unit. However, extensive tests conducted by Pioneer have confirmed that this does NOT result in fire.

In the interests of customer safety and in accordance with our own quality standards, Pioneer would like to check all VSX-839 RDS and VSX-859 RDS models and carry out any necessary repairs on a free of charge basis.


If you own one of the affected models, we recommend that you immediately disconnect the AV receiver from the mains supply and contact the Pioneer AV Hotline 0800 0850202 (9.00am to 5.00pm, Mon-Fri). We will then tell you how the recall process will operate. Our records show that a total of 4,686 of the affected products were sold in Europe, of which only 97 have been distributed in the UK. May we apologise for any inconvenience this has caused.

Pioneer wishes to confirm that NO other Pioneer models are affected.

(Published in the national press on the 31 January 2001)