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Product Type: 
Audio Equipment
Product Manufacturer: 
Serial number(s): 
All serial numbers
Recall Date: 
Wednesday, 30 January, 2002
Manufactured dates: 
January 1991 and June 1993
Contact Details: 
Telephone: 020 8784 1133 (8.00am 10.00pm seven days a week)
Investigator Name: 


During the course of our continuous quality assurance programme we have discovered that, in extreme circumstances, the plastic casing on the plug of a detachable mains lead supplied as an accessory with certain Sony products in the UK could fracture.

This lead meets all relevant British Safety Standards, and will operate perfectly well when being used normally but has been found that when subjected to unusually rough treatment a fracture could leave pins exposed.

This particular lead was supplied with the following products between January 1991 and June 1993: CFD250L, CFDDW83MKII, CFD757L, CFD50L, CFD120L, CFS201L, CFS206L, CFS208L, CFSD3OL, CFSW304L, CFSW305L, CFSW504L, CFD703L, CFDKl0, CFD770L, CFD100L, CFMl4OLII, CFS1030L, CFD775L, CFS205L, CFS202L, CFS207L, CFS710L, CFSDW34L, CFSW304L11, CFSW308L, TCM818.

If you are at all concerned about a Sony portable audio product you own please call us on 020 8784 1133 (8.OOam 10.OOpm seven days a week) with the model and serial number, to be found inside the battery case.

Our staff will help you ascertain whether you have an affected lead. We would then send you a replacement free of charge.

Please also remember that, in the interests of general safety, no lead should ever be left plugged into the mains when not attached to the product.

Always unplug the lead from the mains first, then from the product.

(Published in The Times newspaper on the 12 July 1993)