Drop down glass lid type

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Cookers & Cookware
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Parkinson Cowan
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Not applicable
Recall Date: 
Friday, 25 January, 2002
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Please note that the fully published recall details are currently not available.

Parkinson Cowan has recalls 2,000 gas cookers after the discovery of a safety valve fault. The cookers, which cost between 400 and 700 pounds each, were removed from British Gas warehouses after two failed routine tests. Neither had reached customers' homes.

The faulty cookers, discovered in mid-August (1989), had drop down lids which fitted over gas burners.

British Gas approved valves on the models operated a safety cut out if the lid was closed while the flame was alight. But tests showed that some of the valves on the cookers leaked gas at pressures two and half times above normal domestic levels.

(Published on the 11 September 1989)