110/1, 111/1, 112/1, 7110, 7111, 7112

Product Type: 
Electric Blankets
Product Manufacturer: 
Serial number(s): 
All serial numbers
Recall Date: 
Sunday, 2 December, 2001
Manufactured dates: 
From June 1987
Contact Details: 
Electric Blanket Service Centre, Freepost, Oldham OL2 5BR
Investigator Name: 
Carey N.J

Important Notice

Sunbeam and Electra Electric Overblankets Purchased after June 1987

It has come to the notice of the manufacturer, Northern Blankets, that some control units supplied with the above overblankets may not operate satisfactorily and should not be used until checked.

Although this may not be apparent when the overblanket is in use, as a precaution all owners of specific models listed below are requested to return their control units for checking and possible modification or replacement.

Only specific models of the Sunbeam and Electra overblankets purchased after June 1987 are affected. Any overblankets purchased before that date are not affected.

The specific model numbers affected are set out below:

Electra Brand NOB7/S, NOB7/D, NOB7/DD
Sunbeam Brand 110/1, 111/1, 112/1, 7110, 7111, 7112

The brand name and the model number appear on the label attached to your overblanket. Only if the label records the specific brand Sunbeam or Electra and one of the specific model numbers above should you take any action. Alternatively, look on the underside of your control unit(s) and only if you see the model number: MOE/1PTC or SJE/1PTC do you need to take action. Any control that does not have one of these model numbers is not affected.

Only if you own an overblanket with the brand and model numbers referred to above should you take action.

Action required return your control unit(s) (two controls if yours is a dual control model) BUT DO NOT SEND THE ACTUAL OVERBLANKET THERE IS NO NEED TO DO THIS.

Electra model controls should be returned with the 3 pin moulded plug. For Sunbeam model controls remove the 3 pin plug you have fitted as in diagram A. Then for both Electra and Sunbeam models unplug the control unit(s) from the bottom of the overblanket (diagram B) and send the control unit(s) and cables (diagram C) to the Freepost address for inspection.

You may leave your overblanket on the bed and we will endeavour to send your control unit(s) or replacements back to you within seven days of receipt.

Customers uncertain as to the action required concerning Electra overblankets should consult their local Electricity Board Shop.

Electric Blanket Service Centre
Oldham OL2 5BR