Chris served for more than 30 years in the Fire Service achieving the rank of Group Manager, carrying out various roles including the responsibility for Fire Investigation. He has continued to work in the field of Firefighting, Fire Investigation and Training since leaving the service.

He is highly skilled with a proven track record and has worked both in this country and abroad, Chris was awarded an Honours Degree and is a Member of the Institution of Fire Engineers.

Chris currently works at Gardiner Associates Training and Research and Gardiner Fire Investigation carrying out Training, Research and Fire Investigation as well as serving as an Expert Witness in fire related cases.

He combines his vast knowledge of firefighting with his theory knowledge to take a practical approach when working professionally.

Chris is an energetic and ambitious person who has adopted an “I’m not done yet” attitude, this linked to his mature and responsible outlook enables him to confidently deal with the situations or tasks presented to him. He uses a practical approach and logical mind to problem solve and meet every challenge. In his training role Chris works hard to motivate others with his passion for the job.

When asked what he would have done differently throughout his career, considering how methods and technology have changed over the years, his reply is:

“Nothing, I am fortunate to work in a very interesting and exciting environment that continues to develop and I confidently look forward to the challenges ahead, even the computer based ones!”

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