Leigh Richards 2nd Vice President

2nd Vice President

Leigh joined the West Midlands Fire Service (WMFS) in 1995 and following various operational promotions moved into the Fire Investigation and Prevention Section in 2012 as a dedicated Fire Investigation Officer.
He has been involved in many criminal cases and has presented his evidence in Crown Court as well as Coroners Court for many of the fatal fire scenes he has investigated.
He is a Graduate of the Institute of Fire Engineers (GiFireE) and is studying for his Master of Science Degree in Fire Scene Investigation at Wolverhampton University.
Leigh is instrumental in co-ordinating the fire investigation training within his section and within the region of the West Midlands and is a practising instructor on the Level 1 fire investigation courses held locally.
He has served the UK-AFI as a Regional Representative and is the co-ordinator for the UK-AFI Recall Database as published by the association.