Chris Clarke

Chris Clarke, Training & Education

Chris is a partner with Fire Investigations (UK) LLP. In a previous life he was a Station Manager in the West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service and managed their dedicated Fire Investigation Team and chaired the Yorkshire and Humberside Regional Fire Investigation Group which provides specialist fire investigation cover for the region. As a 26 year veteran of the fire service he has been involved in fire investigation since training and introducing a fire dog into the West Yorkshire FRS in 2000. He was instrumental in establishing an Arson Task Force in the Killingbeck area of Leeds aimed at the reduction in deliberate fire setting, focusing on abandoned vehicle fires.

Chris has been a member of the IAAI since its inception and has sat on a number of national working groups including the IFE special interest group, Skills for Justice FI Qualifications group and CFOA FI Steering Group. He was voted onto the board of the International Association of Arson Investigators at the ATC in Orlando 2013.

He completed the FLETC ‘Advanced Cause & Origin and Court Room Techniques” course in Brunswick, Georgia, USA in 2006.

Chris has also presented at a number of venues in the UK and the USA.

Chris has been involved and lead on several research projects including Chinese Lanterns and fatal fires involving “Microwavable Wheat Bags”.

He has an MSc in Fire Investigation from Anglia Ruskin University, researching The ignitability of petrol vapours and potential vapour phase explosion by law enforcement electronic control device (TASER®) and is a member of the Forensic Science Society.